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A well thought out Will can assist with tax-planning, Capital Gains Tax and to help avoid Inheritance Tax liabilities.

Failing to make a Will can be most unfortunate as the provisions made by general law may not meet your personal wishes or the requirements of your family and dependants.

We offer a comprehensive Will writing service dealing with all aspects including Lasting Power of Attorney and Court of Protection issues.


We remove the worry of dealing with extensive and time consuming paperwork at what is, quite clearly, a very sad time for all those involved. The service we provide includes

  • Ascertaining the estate's assets and liabilities,
  • Calculating any Inheritance Tax due,
  • Completing the various and very often complex HM Revenue & Customs documentation,
  • Making application to the Probate Registrar ( a division of the High Court) for a Grant or Letters of Administration,
  • Collecting in all the assets and paying out the liabilities,
  • Distributing the estate in accordance with the Will or as set out by Law

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