Employment Law

We can offer advice to both employers and employees.

This is an area which constantly changes with the introduction of new laws and can affect everyone who works or has someone work for them.

To employers we can offer advice to reduce the risk of any employment claims against them by providing contracts for employment, updates of the latest laws, procedures that need to be in place, advice on negotiations with employees and redundancy. If a dispute arises we can assist in reducing the impact of a claim financially, on you as the employer and the effect on your business. If a claim proceeds we can provide a compromise agreement if the case is settled or representation should the matter proceed to a tribunal.

For employees we can provide advice at any stage of your relationship with your employer. This includes the initial contract for work, disciplinary or grievance procedures and your rights under the various and numerous Acts that apply to your employment. If a dispute does arise we can advise on the likely claim or claims, any compromise agreement, negotiate with the employer and provide representation at a hearing.

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